crystals-rasoOn January 18, 2010, Governor John Corzine signed the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, N.J.S.A. 24:6101, et seq., into law. New Jersey’s first medical marijuana facility opened in December 2012, with the belief that tens of thousands of patients would eventually participate in the State’s medical marijuana program (the “Program”). Unfortunately, the Program has fallen far short of this expectation. Indeed, according to the New Jersey Department of Health, as of February 15, 2016, there are only 6,466 patients in the Program. Many lawmakers and patients blame the low patient enrollment on the Program’s strict and somewhat confusing rules. Similarly, the Program’s patient shortfalls can also be traced to the small number of doctors registered to authorize a patient’s use of medical marijuana—a situation that many likewise believe is the result of the Program’s complicated requirements. If you are a patient with a severe or painful illness, our attorneys can advise you as to whether you qualify for the Program and, assuming you qualify, we can also guide you through the compliance process. For those physicians who wish to be able to authorize a patient’s use of medical marijuana, our attorneys can provide the necessary assistance to ensure successful physician registration with the Program. Please contact our office for a consultation.